Monday, July 11, 2016

Bucks County Artist Smita Rao at the Carversville Grocery

Bucks County landscape artist Smita Rao's work is on display at the Carversville Grocery through the month of July.  This fine exhibit features a series of monoprints that capture ethereal moments in time and place.  The technique of monoprints is a printing method that involves painting on a plexiglass plate;  they are essentially printed paintings. As a result of this method each print is a unique spontaneous expression that combines printmaking, painting and drawing media.   The following information is from Smita Rao's website :
"Smita Rao is an award winning Bucks County artist, pioneering use of digital mixed media to create novel artwork to express her love of the local landscape.She has brought the elegance of Fine art to the area of digital Arts. 

Smita Rao uses the digital media to overlay, fuse and flatten her photographs, watercolors and drawings to portray the local woods and fields. Through this blend of  separate visual expressions she depicts her interpretation of the surrounding landscape.

The sensitively rendered landscapes are arresting in their luminous and lush beauty.In a short span of time she has won several awards and has been featured in area art newspaper sections.  Her work has been exhibited at numerous major venues, including juried shows at the Woodmere and Berman Museums, the Perkins and Abington Centers, and several galleries. Smita Rao's art has drawn a loyal following. Her work is displayed in  private collections, business centers, and public institutions."
We know you and your friends and family will enjoy learning more about this talented local artist. See you at the Grocery!

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